Coming soon

Theo is pleased to announce that Things Older Than Us is finished and ready for publication.

Things Older Than Us

Set a century after a church fire devastated a post-Apartheid settlement, Things Older than Us follows Dawie and his friends, along with some unlikely allies, through their adventures into the unique and startling world of 1999 South Africa. As they discover the truth behind Bethesda’s recent deaths caused by a presence known as The Nine, the group has to save their town from total destruction while Dawie tries to uncover the mystery behind his mother’s passing.
Things Older than Us is a subversive mystery of epic proportions, immersing readers in a universe of unexpected enemies, mystical caves, and terrifying secrets rich in the folk beliefs of the local Khoisan and Xhosa tribes.
Readers who have enjoyed books such as The Fireman and The Graveyard Book will enjoy Things Older than Us. The novel deals with themes of self-discovery and loss of innocence, incorporating edgy dialogue and epic villains, evoking nostalgia for small-town adolescence during simpler times.

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